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Fate 2017 Version

Fate is a full featured theoretical calculator for the fate and transport of pollutants in the environment. It simplifies the calculations involved into a step-by-step process. Fate makes a great teaching aid as well as a take home assignment. Why don't you give it a try.

Fate and Transport Models...

Fate features a variety of fate and transport models. We feel that it is important to encourage students to make manual calculation prior to using the simulations in Fate. After students are proficient with these calculatons, we use Fate to study the effects of changing a variety of parameters on dispersion (shape of peak or width at half maximum concentration).

Students can see for themselves the effect of physical processes such as advection and dispersion, and chemical processes such as reaction rate, on the pollutant transport. This approach significantly increases the number of problems that can be worked in the classroom, but still allows the student to become proficient with manual calculations. Fate gives students a deeper understanding of the influences on the fate and transport of pollutants.

Fate is a cross-platform replacement for Enviroland.
Software provided by: Frank Dunnivant, Elliot Anders, and Dan Danowski - Environmental Chemistry Research Group - Whitman College