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Water 1.0

Water 1.0 is environmental chemistry software designed to give students and educators an informative look into Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment. It covers a variety of water and waste water treatment plants and processes including: Watersheds, Ozonation, Chlorination, Flocculation, Sand Filtration, Trickling Filters, Activated Sludge, and more. This cd includes both live video and animations.

The software is designed to be used before and after actual field trips to water and waste water treatment facilities and to supplement additional teaching material. It is now available here for free Or if you prefer to run it locally download it here.

System Requirements:
Macintosh: Power Macintosh G3 233 Mhz Mac OS 8 - X, 26MB free RAM.
Windows: Pentium II 450 Mhz or equivalent. Windows 95 - XP, 26MB free RAM
Note: On slower machines you may want to copy the CD to your harddrive (~100 MB).

Software provided by: Frank Dunnivant, Elliot Anders, and Dan Danowski - Environmental Chemistry Research Group - Whitman College